Date of publication: 02.05.2014
I am looking for new work on land, air, sea
person Person / Company:
3 years experience in high voltage transmission overhead power lines, including 9 months in Scotland for Babcock (275KVA between Beauly and Dounreay in Scotland)

Duties included:

Work at height
Replacing pylons (partial, total)
Installing pylons
Corrosion prevention
Removing, replacing, and installing overhead powerlines
Repairing foundations
Working on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
Working with spacer fitting chair that suspends from the cable
Suspending and pulling lines
Fitting and replacing isolators
Using pulleys to lift parts on to pylons


Safety training power ( ovehead power station )
Alpine Climbing Certificate
SEP – Polish Electrical License up to 400kV Certified First Aid Emergency First Aid At Work
Health and Safety Certificate
Manual Handling Certificate
Safety Passport (Sicherheitspass) SCC certificate
OHL Transsmision Skills Certificate Programe
Certificate Sandblasting and shot blasting and painting of steel constructions
EUSR card No. 198958 confirmation date to 02.2015 Permission
Certificate of Training National Grid Overhead line Specific Skills This included the following topics : General Earthing plus Scheme 1 with Use of Travelling Earth Suspension & Tension Insulator Replacement Safe Use of USB Basket & installation of UBS”s Tower & Mid-Span Rescue Techniques Jointing Installation and Safe use of Platform Spacering and Safe Use of Electric Spacer Chair Safe Use and Operation of HIAB/Winch/Bollard Tractor & Evection Winch Certificate the Course of Industrial Insulation Fitter
Driving license B.T.
Forklifts driver certificate
Certificate trining for employees in charge of the workers and disposal of the use preservation and disposal of the products asbestos
Certificate completing the training for workers employed as a rigger
Certificate The Fiber Optic Association FOA Fitter The Welder Of Fiber Optic Technolog Certyfikat OFFSHORE BOSIET Certyfikat OFFSHORE HUET Feb 12 – Present Enterprise Energy Construction Elbud Warsaw, Poland
HV Linesman

Nov 11 – Feb 11 Gwinner, Germany
Solar Panel Installation

Sep 11 – Feb 11 Eventus GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
Welder at the refinery ( INEOS ) Worringen

Aug 11 – Sep 11 CBS batler, Germany
Steel Fitter

Apr 11 – Aug 11 Dudek Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany
Linesman, Overhead Powerlines
Mounting structure ( full or partial )
Repairs to concrete (overhead line poles, substations, masts, industrial equipment,
concrete and reinforced concrete Construction)
Corrosion protection (cleaning , Handmade, water , sand blasting , painting )
Suspending power lines, construction of poles, fitting equipment at height .

Feb 11 - Apr 11 Intereko Zoo Ul, Poland
Construction Worker

Aug 10 – Dec 10 Department of Production and Commercial Service, Poland
Road Construction Worker
Apr 09 – Jul 10 Company Max Bogl, Polad
Foreman, Expressway Construction
2008 Wellner Hoffer of Korrosionsschutz, GMNH Germany
Anti-corrosion work on overhead power line pylons:
Installation of replacement poles
Cleaning of steel
Anti-corrosion protection (hand painting, spray)

2008 PKPE, Poland and Germany
Railway Worker, Rail Border Brossing

Mar 03 – Mar 08 Fach Company Mariusz Pisocki, Poland
Assistant Roofer
Date of publication: 02.05.2014