Date of publication: 21.10.2014
provider different types of shelving
person Person / Company:
Suzhou (China) Sunshine Co., Ltd.
Suzhou store equip co., ltd. here, provider different types of shelving, racking, integrated rack, office shelving etc, they are
- Supermarket shelving (gondola shelving)
- CVS (convenience store shelving)
- Office shelving (rut shelving, file shelving)
- Plastic shelving (cooler room shelving)
- Rivet boltless shelving
- Slotted angle post shelving
- Wire shelving (butt wire shelving)
- Integrated racking (hypermarket shelving)
- Pallet racking
- Mezzanine racking & Mezzanine platform
- Long span shelving
- Special racking
- Push back racking
- Gravity roller system
If intrested in any items, please contact us for details.
Suzhou (China) Sunshine Co., Ltd.
Date of publication: 21.10.2014