J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A.

ChwaszczyƄska 180
81-571 Gdynia
58 766 99 30
58 766 99 01
J.S. Hamilton Poland is a group of companies located in the CEE countries providing a wide range of specialized services for traders, retailers, producers, industry, transport, distribution and storage.

Our services comprise of:

- wide range of accredited laboratory analysis of food, cosmetics and household products, pharmaceuticals, packaging and consumer products, liquid and solid fuels and chemicals as well as analysis of environmental samples (water, sewage, waste, soil, etc.),
- consumer preference tests,
- RoHS compliance testing,
- inspection and forwarding services,
- technical inspections and expediting,
- professional training.
Surveying and inspection services:
- quantity control,
- quality control,
- sampling,
- pre-shipment control,
- fumigation and DDD services.

Transport and logistic services:
- sea freight forwarding of bulk cargo,
- forwarding of agricultural cargo.

Comprehensive Laboratory Services.
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