Cargosped Składy Celne Sp. z o.o.

Siennicka 25
80-758 Gdańsk
58 762 70 90
58 762 70 91
We posses:

-loading dock container-dock-car
-warehouses by the customs stocks
-warehouse for the foodstuffs goods
-warehouse of 16500m2 with various conditions for storing, enables to store the bulk goods in the customs procedures as well as to temporary stored procedures

We offer a complex service in a field below:
-Forming of the containers with a breakouts and an iron and steal products
-loading dock with a direct and indicet access to car fleets
-storing the goods in the warehouse and steerage
-treatments on the goods such as (indicating CE,,excise banderole etc)
-goods consignation
-goods segregation on the costumers' request
-papering mail orders on the disposal of the costumers (binding, foliation)

By cooperation we offer:
good conditions for storing
possibility to negotiate the prices for storing the bulk goods

No matter wether you own a small or big company, you are an important cooperator for us

Complex service for all types of cargo.
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