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We would like to introduce service of Training Centre for Marine Officers. Our didactical facility is located in west Pomeranian region of Poland with excelent communication access.
We are certified and approved by Polish State Maritime Authority to provide professional training for seamen in accordance with STCW'78/SOLAS conventions requirements.
We have been also approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance and provide quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
We take this opportunity to have you interested and familiarised with our courses which are based on real simulators located in didactical resources of Maritime University of Szczecin.
Training Centre for Marine Officers offers navigation training in accordance with STCW Convention and full range of scientific-research works in marine traffic engineering in open and restricted water area.
As the accredited training centre (by “The Nautical Institute”) we also specialize in following dynamic positioning training.
-Dynamic positioning – basic level
-Dynamic positioning – advancedlevel
-Raiser Monitoring System*
-Familiarization for Kongsbergsystem*
-Refresh courses*

*on request
Training Centre For Marine Officers
Maritime University of Szczecin
ul.Wały Chrobrego 1-2
70-500 Szczecin
fax. +48 91 48-09-489

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Specialist training (DP, LNG, LPG, Chemical/Oil, ECDIS, ARPA, ISM, AIS and other)

Zofia Suleja
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Engine room qualification courses, GMDSS, VHF, HAZMAT

Agnieszka Śmigielska
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Deck qualification courses, BTM, Maneuvering

Monika Miler
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Paweł Kućko - Vice Director
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Przemyslaw Jackowski - Director
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