Association of Polish Marine Agents and Shipowners' Representatives in Gdynia
Waszyngtona 34/36 p.302
81-342 Gdynia
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APMAR (Związek Agentów i Przedstawicieli Żeglugowych w Gdyni - Association of Polish Marine Agents and Shipowners' Representatives in Gdynia) was established on 23 May 1992. The Association was formed with the aim to create a forum for the exchange of experience and cooperation of the associated companies in order to arrange the arising seamen crewing market, to shape and promote the principles of professional ethics as well as to develop cooperation with maritime schools, universities and training centres and collaboration with maritime administration.
Furthermore, the Association has been cooperating with the Members of Parliament and the Ministry of Maritime Economy in order to promote the seaman's profession and to protect their interests. The Association's representatives have been actively participating in conferences on seamen's work in Poland and abroad, as well as in the meetings of the seamen's trade unions.
The number of associated companies has increased from the three companies which were the founders of the Association in the year 1992 up to 28 companies to date. The Association groups the leading crewing companies which employ approximately 14.000 Polish ratings and officers.

Since 1998 APMAR has been an unofficial representative of IMEC - International Maritime Employers Committee in Poland.


Popularisation of principles of ethics within the seamen crewing market;
Promotion of the seaman's profession among young people;
Promotion of legislative and economic initiatives in Poland and in the UE which secures workplaces for Polish seamen;
Cooperation with maritime schools, universities and training centres to link the training range and process with the needs of the modern market;
Consulting and opinion forming role in matters related to the seaman's job market and training of seamen carried out in caollaboration with the state administration and trade unions.
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