Prąd Engineering Sp. z o.o. Prąd Serwis Elektryczny Ryszard Nowak

Narwicka 27
80-557 Gdańsk
58 559-02-15, 58 511-08-23
58 511-08-22
Company PRAD has took part in vessel's repairs and buildings since its foundation. Within the space of many years PRAD hardly worked for its good reputation in shipyard branch.

Thanks to experience of its workers, PRAD became a world-famous company and took part in many projects in various shipyards in all over the world.
Our being on the market with our two main specializations (electricity and steel works) allows us to be a really responsible company existing in world shipyard branch.

We are able to fulfill almost all technician orders. We appeared on the world markt in 1993 providing firstly electrical jobs. The company have been developing since then. Now we do not only electric jobs but also welding, fitting, piping and cleaning. Since the company`s foundation we have done much work for world-famous shipowners and shipyards. As we permanently cooperate with Remontowa Shiprepairyard, we have our branch office and another workshop there. Expecting for that we have another branch office in Miami as much work is done in areas of USA.
As a renowned company we have referential lists and the certificate
Except for electrical we provide welding, cleaning and pipe fitting works. We have well-skilled workers for the jobs. They have all necessary certificates.
We started the first cooperation with a Swedish company HAGA-EL, Goeteborg for Stena Line vessels, Stena Germanica, Stena Scandinavica.

Next, we provided electrical works in Belfast Shipyard, HARLAND&WOOLF in cooperation with Swedish firm PREMATOR, Goeteborg, Sweden, at building of four tankers. That work concerned execution of complete electrical installation in superstructure. We have a branch office based in Gdansk Shiprepairyard (Remontowa), which commissions us electrical and welding orders.
Our another branch office is located in USA, Miami.

Good reputation allowed PRAD to become a contractor for other world famous companies like:
- Callenberg Eng. / USA
- Imtech / The Netherlands
- Alandia Ing. / Finland
- Riverco OY / Finland
- GE
- FCR Finland
- Ecomar
- Sear
- Neptun Werft
- Bosch

And within space of years took part in projects onboard vessels of shipowners:
- Carnival (m/v Celebration, Fascination, Fantasy, Sensation, Spirit, Elation)
- Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Ships (m/v Monarch of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas)
- Cunard (m/v Caronia, Queen Elizabeth 2)
- Star Clipper (yacht-vessel: Star Clipper)
- International Shipping Partners (m/v Titas, Scotia Prince, Regal Voyager, Sun, Sky)
- Celebrity Cruises (m/v Infinity)
- Saga Cruises (m/v Saga Rose)
- Disney Cruise Lines (m/v Disney Wonder)
- Rederij de Rotterdam B.V (s/s Rotterdam)
One of our specializations is cabling, connecting, starting marine force systems according to documentation and society classifications requirements:
a) main and auxiliary switch boards,
b) auxiliary engines and generators,
c) control-measuring consoles,
d) auxiliary, sanitary, ballast, ventilation, bilge and alarm systems,
e) lighting basic and emergency.
f) alarms systems
g ) fiber optic cables
h) Electrical engine services

On the other side, PRAD takes responsibility for its works with several metal elements mounting and dismounting. These are:
a) cable trays installing
b) penetrations installing
c) cable trays + foundations
d) prefabrication
European Head Office in Poland
ul. Narwicka 27, 80-557 Gdańsk, Poland
tel.: +48 58 559 02 15,
tel.: +48 58 511 08 23
fax.: +48 58 511 08 22

Representant for North & South American market
Jan-Eric Osterlund
tel.: +1 809 781 4143
fax.: +1 809 571 0267

European branch office in Shiprepairyard "REMONTOWA"
ul. Na Ostrowiu 1, 80-365 Gdańsk, Poland
tel.: +48 58 307 18 31, fax.: +48 58 307 18 31
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PRAD- Service of electrical motors

main and auxiliary switch boards
auxiliary engines and generators
control-measuring consoles
bilge and alarm systems
lighting basic and emergency
cable trays installing
penetrations installing
pipe works (fitting and welding)
prad service
prad serwis
prad service
electrical systems
wind power
electrical motors service
electrical enegine service
switchboard connection
neptun werft
Remontowa yard
fiber optic cables
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