Date of publication: 31.03.2017

Service company ELPO operates since 1991. ELPO specializes in moving heavy loads of large-scale cargo using hydraulics.

"We perform our services in the shipyards, seaports, production halls, power substations, power plants, bridges, viaducts etc.

Our company has various sets of hydraulic equipment, depending on the weight and size, which can becombined in any system for lifting, spreading and relocating. Thanks to many years of experience we also built a hydraulic skidding system (type HWS-280) designed to improve the movement by sliding. The system provides constant pressure distribution on the ground and transported cargo. We can build a system of 24 hydraulic skid shoes HWS-280 with a nominal capacity of 150 tonnes for each unit and lifting height of 200 mm.

Our offer also includes a HSP-140 (4) and HSP-250 (8) hydraulic climbing system which enables lifting of heavy conStruction in safe manner.

We are also providing services of weighing heavy construction elements (up to 1600 tonnes) by using electronic strain gauge systems with the printout of the weight and the designation of the center of gravity (CoG).

We also provide weighing service by means of hydraulic method with simultaneous registration of weighing up to 2500 tonnes or more. Our weighing systems have certificates from Calibration Office of Weights and Measures in Gdansk.

On our client order we perform stress tests od structural elements with simultaneous registration of process and with the development of the documentation of the stress test report. Our load tests recording systems have Certificate of Calibration Office of Weights and Measures in Gdansk.

We offer wide range of the other services associated with the use of hydraulics: unloading, reloading, and relocation of heavy machinery in production halls among others. In addition, we offer unloading of transformers, turbines, generators, which later we can move on the foundations of the substations, power plants and other destinations.
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