Consolidation of education and industry – Rolls-Royce Polska and Gdynia Maritime UniversityRolls-Royce agreement
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Consolidation of education and industry – Rolls-Royce Polska and Gdynia Maritime UniversityRolls-Royce agreement
Date of publication: 18.05.2016
Improving the educational process on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the main objective of  agreement established between Rolls-Royce Poland and Gdynia Maritime University. Future academy graduates will be better adapted to the needs of industry.

“The future of our company is based on the people who work for us, therefore, from the perspective of Rolls-Royce, it is very important agreement - underlines James Roberts Senior Vice President of Rolls-Royce Marine Services (Europe & Africa). -  Now we can not only get to know people who will benefit from the unique opportunity to complete a practice in our firm, but we also give them skills and experience of working in a large company. Even if they will not work for us individuals, academy and maritime industry shall benefit”.

Gdynia Maritime University educates on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering mechanic officers of the merchant navy, who are also qualified specialists in the operation of marine power stations.

Peter Jędrzejowicz, Rector of the Maritime Academy in Gdynia says that cooperation, which will connect one of the largest companies in the world providing integrated power and propulsion systems with the largest maritime university in Poland constitutes an offer equally attractive to students and industry.

The university meets the expectations of students and modifies its educational program in order to optimize the chances of graduates on employment market.

Thanks to the signed agreement students will have an opportunity of apprenticeship and professional internships in Rolls-Royce. The best of them will also have the chance to get the work offer. The cooperation will also include the involvement of practitioners from Rolls-Royce in conducting classes, determining the subject of master thesis and organization of study visits and workshops at Rolls-Royce. Some promotional campaigns are also planned.

- Rolls-Royce is present in Poland in three locations: the main office is located in Gniew, in Gdynia operates Marine Service Center and Shared Services Center is located in Krakow - lists Adam Laskowski, Managing Director of Service Center Rolls Royce.

Rolls-Royce activity in Poland is focused on the maritime industry. The company in this sector has a very stable position. Belonging to the Rolls-Royce brand MTU is also known for the production of high speed engines used in locomotives and luxury yachts.

Cooperation with the Gdynia Maritime University, the largest and oldest maritime university in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, gives Rolls-Royce the opportunity to attract talented employees. In the UK, Rolls-Royce for the eighth time in the last ten years, he has been elected the most desirable employer among engineering graduates.

Agreement was signed on 17/05.
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