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We welcome you on pages of the portal of GospodarkaMorska.pl.

GospodarkaMorska.pl is a modern, professional internet platform established to promote Polish companies representing wide maritime economy sector and to promote foreign companies interested in this segment of Polish market.

The portal was established in the most difficult period of time for this sector. The world crisis, collapse of Polish shipyards, earlier collapse of Polish fleet, strong winters, turbulations of Polish zloty rates of exchange, it all shook adversely the condition of the whole maritime economy. External orders decreased, cooperation of companies working for shipyards broke down what was followed by breakdown of the orders on the internal market. Many persons maintained this was the end of the Polish maritime industry.

The basis for establishment of the portal of GospodarkaMorska.pl was the opposite deep conviction that the crisis could be converted into success however provided there would be full mobilization to fight for survival and development of our companies. Every crisis is followed by economic boom. What will not kill the companies that will make them stronger. Successes of many of them confirm rightness of these assumptions. Shipbuilding crisis was connected with excessive presence of state sector in maritime economy what must have caused the crash. Unproperly managed, bureaucratized and inert giants had to fall down.

However a huge group of experts who have been collecting their specialist skills many years long remained after it. Many of them establish today their own companies. Maritime schools which continue training of personnel and research institutes rendering services for maritime sector and having excellent opinion in international maritime environments are their support. A great infrastructure that was left is the base for many new smaller Polish and foreign companies using this potential and having already success, even in field of ship repairs or yachts construction.

Shipyards are obviously only a part of maritime economy. There are many dynamically developing fields: New container ports including the DCT container terminal established in Gdansk and the biggest one in the Baltic Sea area. They will totally restructure present transportation routes in East -Middle Europe, moving them from Holland, Germany to Poland. Gdansk is becoming the most important Baltic port. The delays in road infrastructure making the transportation from and to the harbours difficult are slowly made up. Many companies in Poland await the costs’ fall down of the sea transportation goods delivery. The companies from Slovakia, western Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania are interested in receipt and dispatch of goods via our ports. The establishment of the permanent connections with China creates quite new prospects. An activation of small ports takes place which more and more effectively gain smaller clients. Despite the crisis in the sea fishery sector over 300 Polish companies effectively act in fish processing achieving successes in the country and abroad. Polish sea personnel consisting of excellently trained and qualified officers and sea men is a real treasure for worldwide shipowners. Tens of shipping agencies localized mainly in Tri-city and Szczecin are the proof of that. One can observe huge, positive changes in the sea tourism and yachting where thanks to the funds from the European Union finally modern infrastructure grows - hotels, tourist centers, yacht harbours, tourist ports. and although we are still far away as compared to Mediterranean countries the times of total stagnation in these economy fields have already passed.

What is mostly needed by the companies acting for years and those ones newly established are the orders and contracts preferably diversified from the whole world. To gain them the information supported by permanent presentation of varying offers from our companies is the most important factor. It is necessary to spread actively the information about Polish maritime business allowing mutual communication and contacts among the companies. Nowadays the Internet reigns over information, it is the most general and quickest way to collect data and offers. GospodarkaMorska.pl portal has to facilitate the sector information and to release it widely. Presentations and offers of the companies as well as the current press articles are translated into a few most important languages, what allows the portal to reach targets in Poland and in the foreign markets. . 

The most important sections of GospodarskaMorska.pl portal consist of:

  • Catalogue of sea companies divided in logical and practical categories subcategories. The access to the base of sea companies is available on the level of key words and / or geographical criteria. Data base is permanently updated and widened by commercial section of the portal.

  • Section of the sea press articles and maritime events in which one can find the newest, the freshest sea press articles, maritime news, events, information, exhibitions, sea conferences and their sea archives. The section of press articles and the news is updated every day and supplied with the most interesting articles from a daily press, internet portals and other media in Poland and in the world.

  • Exchange of maritime announcements, maritime announcements allowing possibility of free publishing, adding announcements by every registered user of the portal.

  • User's panel allowing individual editing of the user’s data, adding and editing the announcements, editing the presentations purchased in catalogue of the companies and supply the data of the company to the data base of the portal.

Portal functions in English and German languages under www.marinepoland.com both as well as the name of portal as the main domain of the portal. The 21st century completely changes the previous realities of the most maritime economy sectors. The progressive globalization and informatization give to the Polish maritime companies unlimited possibilities of development, making contacts, possibilities of making business in every place and from every place in the world, cooperation with many partners in various parts of the globe. It remains the question if Polish maritime companies can manage the huge international competition and if they would be able to make use of their advantages: many years of experience, improving local support and the group of excellent experts in maritime economy. We share enthusiasm of these people who work hard, who spread their wings and who are not afraid of modernity, innovations, who have reasons to believe in their lucky stars. We hope that together with GospodarkaMorska.pl portal you will conquest the seas of world maritime business.