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30% more cargo in the port in Kołobrzeg
Date of publication: 05.07.2024

The Kołobrzeg Seaport Authority has summarized transshipment in the Commercial Port in the first half of 2024. Compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of almost 30 percent.

The first half of this year in terms of transshipment volume was closed in Kołobrzeg with a total of over 126 thousand tons. This is a much better result than the one from the end of June 2023, when 97.4 thousand tons was transshipped. Also, more ships entered the port during this time: 53, compared to last year's 42.

This year, significantly more aggregate arrived at the port in Kołobrzeg - almost 42.5 thousand tons (a year ago - 19.1 thousand tons). More wooden logs were also transshipped, the result from 2024 is almost 27.7 thousand tons (last year – 20.7 thousand tons). In turn, a year ago, pellets reached 11.2 thousand tons, while in the first half of this year there was less of it - 8.1 thousand tons. Among the grains, which mainly ended up on ships sailing to Rotterdam and further to African countries, just like a year ago, Ukrainian corn took first place. By the end of June, over 26 thousand tons of it had been transhipped, compared to last year's result of almost 39 thousand tons. Here, the worse result was influenced by problems on the Polish-Ukrainian border, which occurred during the farmers' protests. In second place was wheat - 6.8 thousand tons (during the whole of last year, 21.5 thousand tons of it was transhipped), followed by rapeseed cake - over 2.4 thousand tons (this cargo came from Norway, a direction not previously associated in Kołobrzeg with agro-related goods) and Polish barley – almost 2 thousand tons.

The Kołobrzeg port, as the only one on the central coast, has a certified railway siding 621 m long, which the Seaport Authority managed to save from dismantling, despite the voices that appeared years ago that it was unnecessary in a city focused almost exclusively on spa and tourist activities. Thanks to it and the investments made earlier, right after the outbreak of the war beyond the eastern border, due to the blockade of the Black Sea ports, the port in Kołobrzeg declared its full readiness to participate in the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland. Kołobrzeg then joined the four largest Polish state ports, through which grain from Ukraine flowed towards Africa. Despite last year's decision by the then government, due to which shipments from Ukraine could not reach the city for three months, the port recorded record transshipments in 2023, including grain.

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