Alfa Laval Digital Services for Aalborg boilers -
Alfa Laval Digital Services for Aalborg boilers
Date of publication: 21.07.2020

Marine challenges are evolving – and so are the technologies for meeting them. Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services are a data-driven way to secure boiler uptime, improve boiler performance and lower boiler operating costs. By creating a digital connection between your boiler systems and our expertise, you and your crews can benefit directly from our deep boiler knowledge.

Today’s marine market is an uncertain one, in which shipowners and ship operators face new technical challenges and changing financial conditions. All vessels are dependent on the safe and economical function of their boiler(s), and boiler function is crucial for loading, unloading and handling cargo on some vessel types. Should a boiler fail, a fast return to proper operation is paramount.

How Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services work

We offer innovative Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services for boilers, available in Silver and Gold packages, that provide remote boiler support to the crew on board. Built on Alfa Laval’s century of boiler expertise, they help ensure the best performance from your boiler system.What we doWith a small installation and access to the vessel’s satellite connection, we make current boiler status, operating data and settings available online through a secure portal. This portal can be accessed by the vessel’s crew, the relevant onshore organization and Alfa Laval service specialists.

The Digital Services built on the portal are available in two different packages. The Silver package lets the vessel’s crew – in collaboration with Alfa Laval’s 24/7 Service Hotline – rapidly identify and rectify a problem, which saves time and potential cost. The Gold package further allows the system to be used for boiler health analysis, with Alfa Laval providing a monthly health report. This report includes suggestions for boiler optimization and reducing fuel consumption, as well as faults detected.

• Online remote monitoring (Silver & Gold packages)
– Automate collection analysis of key data needed to evaluate boiler system performance
– Remove the potential for human error in logging and analysing key boiler system parameters

• Remote support (Silver & Gold packages)
– Access boiler expertise immediately, 24/7
– Reduce the need for service visits
– Reduce time and effort needed from technical crew support on shore

• Monthly health analysis (Gold package only)
– Understand your boiler OPEX better with a monthly overview
– Create opportunities for continuous optimization instead of spot efforts
– Rectify boiler underperformance with recommendations from boiler experts

• Fault diagnostics (Gold package only)
– Be notified of typical potential problems
– Reduce downtime by reducing the time needed to identify faults
– Limit the potential for further breakdownsScope of service

• Included in Silver & Gold packages:
– Installation of the necessary equipment for data logging and remote monitoring
– Remote assistance from the Alfa Laval Service Hotline 24/7, 365 days a year

• Included in Gold package only:
– Monthly health analysis of boiler status
– Fault diagnosticsScope of supply

• For both Silver & Gold packages:
– Installation of an Industrial Field Gateway PC inside the boiler control cabinet, with related cabling (all equipment provided by Alfa Laval)
– Setup of access to the Alfa Laval Internet of Things (ALIoT) platform, which will allow remote monitoring of the boiler system

About the Alfa Laval Internet of Things (ALIoT)
The Alfa Laval Internet of Things is the standard cloud platform used for connectivity services like Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services. If offers:
• Simple and intuitive overview of boiler status and performance
• State-of-the-art security based on Microsoft Azure, ensuring data encryption with no accessibility to third parties