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ALKOR Sp. z o.o.

ul. Doki 1
80-863 Gdańsk
58 769 12 66, 58 769 19 19
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ALKOR Sp. z o.o. was set up in 1989. The company is situated close to the centre of Gdańsk city and has convenient sea, land and air connections. Also hotel facilities are available in the close vicinity of our company. ALKOR is able to carry out any repair work, both routine and class renewal repairs as well as conversions and extensions of ships. The Company is one of a few repair shipyards in Poland having available its own floating dock. Our dock is 155 m long and 24.7 wide between the side walls and its lifting capacity is 8,000 t. For the full scope of technical facilities see the heading REPAIR FACILITIES Since the beginning of its existence the company has carried out repairs and conversions of nearly 800 ships of different types and flags including ships of the Polish, Norwegian, British, Dutch, German, Greek and other Owners.The key objective of our activity is to satisfy our customers by providing high-quality work within the scheduled time and at reasonably low prices. The best mark for ALKOR are the customers who are satisfied with our work and who give orders for repair of their subsequent ships. ALKOR achieves success owing to its highly professional managerial staff.


Our clients are offered the full scope of ship repair, class survey, conversion and extension work.

The offered services include:

- High-pressure water washing, blasting, painting of hulls, tanks, cargo holds, etc.

- Hull work such as renewal of steel, insertion of new hull units, insertion of ship extension units, etc.

- Any machinery work related to main engines, generator sets, turbochargers, steam boilers, pumps, heat exchangers, deck equipment, shafting, rudder sets, thrusters, etc.

- Any pipe work including steel, galvanised, stainless steel, hydraulic and specialist pipes.

- Conversion of ordinary cargo ships to refrigerated cargo ships.

- Eectrical work for all marine systems including rewinding and balancing of electric motors and alternators.

- Conversion of marine light fuel systems to heavy oil systems IFO 180/GO or IFO 380/GO using different heavy oil heating and heat gaining systems. For the conversion work ALKOR provides pipes, cables metallurgical and insulation materials for conversion of tanks, installation of new systems, execution of insulation work, conversion of main engines to run on heavy fuel. ALKOR cooperates with Eefting Engineering –

We are ready to meet each request customer’s request with respect to repairs or conversion of ships to be done by ALKOR.