ASE Technology Group has its own energy storage. It's a step towards savings and renewable energy [VIDEO, PHOTOS] -
ASE Technology Group has its own energy storage. It's a step towards savings and renewable energy [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
Date of publication: 12.10.2021

Energy storage is a response to the energy transformation and rising energy prices. The Automatic Systems Engineering (ASE) Technology Group from Gdańsk together with Elmech-ASE presented its own storage, which it will soon use for its own needs. What speaks for the success of this project?

The idea of energy storage is to convert electricity from a given source into another form of energy that can be converted back into electricity when needed, and store it in that convertible form.

Such a storage, which has already been located on the ASE technology campus at Narwicka Street in Gdańsk, has been built since last year at the headquarters of Elmech-ASE from Pruszcz Gdański, which is part of a group consisting of a total of 11 companies.

- Working on this project, we used our over 30 years of experience in the field of uninterruptible power supply and operation of the Xilar battery system - says Arkadiusz Marat, President of the Management Board of Elmech-ASE Sp. z o.o. - The final step is the installation and commissioning of the energy storage.

As he informs, the warehouse is built on lithium-ion batteries. More precisely, in lithium-iron-phosphate technology.

CO2 reduction thanks to technology

This is the latest technology with low flammability and high efficiency - explains Marat. - The power of the storage is 50 kilowatts, and the capacity - nearly 200 kilowatt hours. It will also be connected to photovoltaics. We found that space is at a premium in companies like ASE located in cities. This space is used for parking spaces for employees, company cars and the installation of photovoltaics - he adds.

90 photovoltaic panels with a total power of 34 kilowatts were installed on the carport's roof.

- All this combined with the storage will allow to obtain ecological, economic and technical effects for such a customer as ASE - he says.

An important aspect of the entire project is a dedicated application. The meaning of its operation is cooperation with dedicated software for storage management and energy flow. This, in turn, makes it possible to monitor and supervise the operation of all elements: RES installations, energy storage, power grid and receiving devices.

Energy storage is a good proposition not only for prosumer or larger companies, but also for industry, professional energy, electromobility, wind farms and photovoltaic farms.

Energy prices will rise

The forecasts are not optimistic. Electricity will only get more expensive. How can an energy store be used here?

- The disadvantage of photovoltaics is that it produces energy only when the sun is shining. This is why it's an unstable energy source. Thanks to the storage, energy can be collected and used when the photovoltaic is not working - says Arkadiusz Marat. - Moreover, the storage can be recharged when energy is cheaper, for example at night. In turn, the process of its discharge may take place when the demand for electricity is high and the prices are two or three times higher. So this is another way of saving money.

ASE. More green energy

On the other hand, the president of the ASE Technology Group emphasizes that energy storage is the result of three decades of experience in energy management.

- This is the next step in the development of systems related to ecological energy sources. We present a specific and very practical solution for our company and potential customers - says Dariusz Jachowicz, president of the ASE group.

He emphasizes that the ASE Technology Group carries out various activities in the field of renewable energy. The company has experience with installations for the production of pure hydrogen, is also active in the design of offshore wind farms.

On the other hand, the storage itself allows cheap energy from ecological sources to be accumulated and used later.

- In this way our company becomes greener. And we earn at the same time. Our clients who build solar farms in companies can also benefit. At this point, they will make much better use of their space and investments from renewable energy sources for their applications - sums up Jachowicz.