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We should be most pleased if you would consider making use of our services whenever you may need the services of an independent surveyor for quantity, quality, sampling survey and associated services at time of loading and/or discharge of your commodities.

From the incorporation of Baltic Control back in 1980, the inspection and testing of agricultural products and foodstuffs have been an integral part of the company’s service line.

For your kind information, BALTIC CONTROL Ltd. is a wholly Danish owned company headquartered at the port of Aarhus, Denmark, however maintaining a network of own offices, and partners throughout the world, and we are thus in a position to offer to you a really global competent international service.

Baltic Control Ltd. is FOSFA and GAFTA approved, accredited by DANAK and EU as per standard DS/EN 45004 and 45011 to perform inspection and testing, and authorized landing/export and transport inspectors as per EU regulations 615 and 800. – Baltic Control Ltd. is a member of EUROLAB, IFIA, AFOA, IFFO, BIR, ICC, ICA, DAKOFO and the Sugar Association of London. Baltic Control Ltd. is also registered in the World Bank and other development banks registries through the DACON system. Furthermore Baltic Control Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified and it is an approved GAFTA VERIFIER and GlobalGap certified.

We are very pleased to announce that from 2013 we are also performing sustainability certification according to the ISCC Scheme.

Baltic Control is approved by COCERAL to certify companies according to the GTP code.
Baltic Control is approved to certify companies according the GMP+.

We are very pleased that from November 2013 we are able through our representation of Isacert Scandinavia to offer certification according to the GlobalG.A.P scheme.

Baltic Control Ltd. works for a multitude of Traders, Merchants, Banks, International Organizations, State Procurement Agencies, Underwriters, Ship owners, Government Organizations and NGOs throughout the world and is a regular monitor to the European Commission in Brussels. – Baltic Control North America Inc. is registered with CCC and USDA.

Baltic Control is of course well represented in all Scandinavian and EU countries and we are authorized to establish animal welfare documentation as well as arrival documentation in all 28 member countries of the European Union.

We are the largest accredited cargo inspection company in Denmark with 20 field inspectors.
We are well placed in Poland, Benelux, UK and Denmark with our own offices and cover France and Germany through our network of inspectors.

Baltic Control Brazil is represented in nine locations throughout Brazil and maintains its own laboratories. Baltic Control Argentina is operating in Rosario and Buenos Aires. Baltic Control Uruguay, Baltic Control Paraguay, Baltic Control Panama Ltd, Baltic Control Ecuador, Baltic Control Bolivia and Baltic Control Peru are other South American Baltic Control offices. Representatives are covering the remainder countries in South America and the Caribbean countries. – In North America Baltic Control offices in the USA and Mexico as well as representatives in Canada secure a good coverage of this important continent.

Africa and the Middle East are covered through an extensive network of many years in this area, with Baltic Control offices in almost all countries, and we are approved by the various ministries of trade, finance, economy and other authorities in most countries taking in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya and Morocco.

Baltic Control has been appointed by COSQC (Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, Iraq) for a conformity program for goods to Iraq with issuance of CoC.

In Pakistan Baltic Control is recognized by the State Trading Corporation for the purchases of Sugar, wheat and fertilizers. The Directorate for Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture likewise approves Baltic Control as a Pre-shipment inspection agency.

The former Soviet Union is covered through our extensive network of Baltic Control offices in Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia.

We hope that you will consider making use of the services of the Baltic Control Group of Companies, and please do not hesitate to contact us in Denmark in the event you require further information and/or references – Further details can also be found on our website


Baltic Control offers inspection, certification and testing for
- Agricultural and Food commodities
- Metals, minerals and ore
- Government and UN organizations
- Oil, gas and chemical products
- Industrial goods

Baltic Control is a member of many different international organizations like FOSFA, GAFTA, IFIA, NAEGA, BIR, ISRI, AFOA, Eurolab Denmark, the Sugar Association of London, Liverpool Cotton Association Limited, Nederlands Centrum Voor Handelbevordering (NCH) etc...

Certification and Accreditation Services:
To meet growing food safety, welfare, environment and quality requirements, you need to ensure that your supply chain is secure. Establishing a quality management system and getting it certified is an important step towards meeting these requirements. Baltic Control can audit and certify your various systems against a variety of standards.

Baltic Control is one of the leading auditing, verification and certification bodies for the food and food related supply chains.

Feed and Food:
Through Baltic Control new agreement as per 1st of July 2013 we are proud to announce that we are representing the Deutch leading auditing, verification and certification body IsaCert in Scandinavia.

Through this agreement Baltic Control is able to offer auditing, verification and certification in the following areas:

- food safety like IFS, BRC, GRMS, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP+ and Global GAP
- quality management like ISO 9001
- sustainability like ISCC certification, MSC, UTZ (coffee, cocoa and thee) and RSPO
- identity Preservation Certification
- Coceral GTP certification
- QS Feed

Baltic Control is accredited by DS/EN 45011 Certification body, DS/EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005 and EN/ISO 9001:2008.

Own laboratories:
Baltic Control has its laboratories in Brasil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Peru, Gabon, Russia and Poland. Where we don’t have laboratories we use accredited and reputab;e 3rd parties laboratories.

Since Baltic Control Ltd. was founded, it has been involved in the inspection of agricultural commodities, metal scrap, fertilizers, ores, metals, coals and sampling in accordance with the rules and regulations in force at the time. Baltic Control Ltd’s international experience and offices located around the globe enable us to assist our clients, both as a strategic partner and as a technical consultant in a wide range of areas.

By combining the many types of expertise provided globally by the Baltic Control Group, it is able to offer individual package solutions tailored to suit clients particular needs.