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Our company has been involved in repairs to floating craft both for the Polish and foreign shipowners since 1992. Our company provides repair services on ships during their stay in domestic harbours and shipyards as well as abroad and during sea voyages. In practice, we repair all marine machinery and equipment and using our shore facilities we repair in our shops all dismountable marine equipment such as pumps, compressors, turbochargers and medium-size diesel engines. We are often involved in repairs to ships and marine equipment as subcontractor for other larger businesses having contracts for similar projects.

We give below our offer for marine equipment we most frequently repair and simultaneously for the repair of the equipment for which our Company has an Approval Certificate No. TM/919/842502/05 issued by the Polish Register of Shipping and Certificates No. 01.018.258 issued by the Maritime Register of Ships. We treat these documents as universal recommendation of our professionalism and high quality:


*complete repairs to machinery and equipment including the diesel engines, turbochargers, pressure boilers, different type pumps, compressors for various media and specialist machines that are in possession of particular contracting parties,
* repairs to pipeline systems,
*repair to machine and equipment parts by cold and hot powder surfacing, welding) and by means of chemically set molecular agents,
*application of preventive coats by surfacing or application of chemically set agents,
* machining using our own and capital-related companies' the park of machines and equipment,
*in case of permanent partners we employ our proven subcontractors nearly in every branch where necessary,
*technical consulting, designing within the scope of our speciality.

Based on our proven co-operating parties and subcontractors our offer covers practically all the ship-related repair work such as electrical, automation, hull and, fitting and outfitting work.

Owing to high qualifications, experience and responsibility of our employees the so-called “flying squads” are very popular with the shipowners to provide services while the ship is in harbour or at sea.