Bałtycka Akademia Umiejętności -

Bałtycka Akademia Umiejętności

Marynarki Polskiej 15
80-557 Gdańsk


Operator and conservator courses:
- cranes (eg, carriageway, rail, self-propelled, floating)
- construction cranes, e.g. tower and automotive so-called HDS
- container and other gantry cranes
- container-type forklifts and backers
- forklift trucks with replacement of gas cylinders
- stowage of cargo in containers or on ships
- training of mooring and older mooring,
- loading and filling of containers with hazardous materials
- SRC short-range communication operator course
- radiotelephoneisty for the VHF band
- hook, hatch, grab
- electric and energy
* in the area of ​​network and electrical equipment operation so-called SEP gr. AND
* in the scope of operation of heat consuming devices, solid and liquid fuels as well as processing and transmitting heat (among others for boiler smokers operating compressors) - GROUP II
* preparing for the exam in the field of operation of equipment, installations and gas networks - GROUP III
- basic course of power hydraulics
- basics of issues related to customs clearance
- numerous workshops for managers and company managers

For sailors, among others:
- training in elementary rules of first aid and higher medical
- training in the field of personal safety and joint responsibility
- watch sailor course
- senior seafarer course
- training in the field of medical care for the patient
- training in the field of security on the ship
- a course for crew members with assigned security responsibilities
- updating in the field of medical care for the patient
- ship security officer course
- course in the transport of dangerous goods HAZMAT

In addition, he invites you to use the services of a psychological research laboratory where research is carried out, including : altitude, for equipment operators, for drivers of all categories, for those who have lost their driving license (points, alcohol), for those applying for a gun license or for a security worker license, etc.