Bałtycka Akademia Umiejętności -

Bałtycka Akademia Umiejętności

Marynarki Polskiej 15
80-557 Gdańsk
58 737 77 22
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The Baltic Academy of Skills is a training and consulting company operating on the market since 1992. Specialized port staff. It also trains other industries.
Since 2002. has implemented a quality system in the scope of training services confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. BAU also has a certificate of recognition of the training center as a Maritime Educational Unit issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. It has an entry in the register of non-public educational institutions and an entry in the Register of Training Institutions. He is a member of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies and the Port Interest Council.
He cooperates with many lecturers, trainers, instructors, highly qualified in their fields.
Programs and trainings adapt to the specific and individual needs of companies and students.
It has lecture rooms, audiovisual equipment and other teaching aids.



Operator and conservator courses:
- cranes (eg, carriageway, rail, self-propelled, floating)
- construction cranes, e.g. tower and automotive so-called HDS
- container and other gantry cranes
- container-type forklifts and backers
- forklift trucks with replacement of gas cylinders
- stowage of cargo in containers or on ships
- training of mooring and older mooring,
- loading and filling of containers with hazardous materials
- SRC short-range communication operator course
- radiotelephoneisty for the VHF band
- hook, hatch, grab
- electric and energy
* in the area of ​​network and electrical equipment operation so-called SEP gr. AND
* in the scope of operation of heat consuming devices, solid and liquid fuels as well as processing and transmitting heat (among others for boiler smokers operating compressors) - GROUP II
* preparing for the exam in the field of operation of equipment, installations and gas networks - GROUP III
- basic course of power hydraulics
- basics of issues related to customs clearance
- numerous workshops for managers and company managers

For sailors, among others:
- training in elementary rules of first aid and higher medical
- training in the field of personal safety and joint responsibility
- watch sailor course
- senior seafarer course
- training in the field of medical care for the patient
- training in the field of security on the ship
- a course for crew members with assigned security responsibilities
- updating in the field of medical care for the patient
- ship security officer course
- course in the transport of dangerous goods HAZMAT

In addition, he invites you to use the services of a psychological research laboratory where research is carried out, including : altitude, for equipment operators, for drivers of all categories, for those who have lost their driving license (points, alcohol), for those applying for a gun license or for a security worker license, etc.