BLG AutoTerminal has opened a terminal for military transshipment in the Port of Gdańsk -
BLG AutoTerminal has opened a terminal for military transshipment in the Port of Gdańsk
Date of publication: 09.05.2024

The BLG AutoTerminal company has launched a terminal in the Port of Gdańsk dedicated strictly to military equipment transshipment. It will be used by the armies of NATO countries.

After years of carrying out military transshipment in the Free Customs Zone, the Port of Gdańsk has just obtained a terminal dedicated to this type of operation. The BLG AutoTerminal Gdańsk company launched it next to the sugar terminal near the Vistula Quay. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on May 7, but military vehicles were already standing on the square at that time.

"We have this terminal permanently. We are not dependent on the port, which issues us parts of the terminals, which we sometimes need 6 weeks before the operation itself. We have to look for terminals that are not always free, because there is coal lying there, containers are standing there... With this terminal, we have the permanent possibility of offering a place for military equipment transshipment," said Paweł Byglewski, president of BLG AutoTerminal Gdańsk, during the opening ceremony.

The terminal itself covers 6 hectares of paved areas with direct access to the quay. The necessary infrastructure has been organized, including a car wash, but there are many more possibilities.

„It is possible to reload ships, transport by train, trucks. We will also possibly build offices according to demand. We can also build the so-called life support, i.e. residential containers for soldiers,” adds Paweł Byglewski.

The terminal's capabilities will be used by the current partners of BLG, such as the US Army and NATO troops, as well as the shipowner ARC, whose services are used not only by the army, but also by other US government agencies, and whose representative was also a guest at the opening ceremony.

The new military terminal permanently places the Port of Gdańsk on the map of military logistics. At the same time, its commissioning will free up some storage space and transshipment possibilities in the Duty Free Zone, where troops were previously transshipped, and where container towns for soldiers were also built on individual occasions.

„We have another 6 hectares of paved area, infrastructure that will serve for many years. We are glad as the Commercial Department that we have such great partners, that we can start such good cooperation. Once again, we would like to thank all the entities involved, contractors, colleagues from the Port Authority, who were responsible for this express investment, and we wish the users of this area success in performing their duties,” commented Bartosz Bloch, Commercial Director of the Port of Gdańsk Authority.

The lease agreement between BLG AutoTerminal Gdańsk and the Port of Gdańsk Authority was concluded in October last year for 3 years.

AutoTerminal Gdańsk is part of the BLG Logistics group. In Gdańsk, the company carries out transport and forwarding operations, and also provides customs and terminal services. The company is responsible for transshipment of, among others, American troops in the port of Gdańsk, and in recent months it has also cooperated with the armies of other NATO countries, including on the occasion of the NATO Steadfast Defender exercises, part of which took place in Poland.

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