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Buttimer Polska Sp. z o.o.

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02-844 Warszawa
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Buttimer Engineering is a diversified mechanical engineering company, specialising in bulk materials handling systems and high-quality steel fabrication. We offer projects and solutions tailor made according to clients requirements. From one-off design, fabrication, installation or repair works, to full turnkey projects, Buttimer Engineering draws on skilled teams to deliver the service that our clients require.
We deliver turnkey projects, from conceptual design, project management, particular equipment design, fabrication, delivery and installation of units for ship loading and unloading and also the complete conveying infrastructure along with storage at the wharf.
Our offer includes but no limited to:

Conveying equipment and loading chutes

Fabrication and installation of ship loading and unloading solutions for a wide range of products (fertilizers, seeds, grains, biomass etc.) and a whole conveying systems and storage facilities in port sector.

Fabrication and installation of aggregate conveying systems

Fabrication and installation of intake and conveying units for biomass, coal, lime, ashes or biofuel

Dedusting solutions during loading and unloading of bulk materials
Steel structures fabrication
Port bulk handling equipment

Complete service in the form of full project management in concept design, delivery and installation of the unloading facility along with bulk storage.
Docksolid -ship unloading hoppers
Mobile unloading hoppers
Rail mounted unloading hoppers
Conveying equipment for various bulk products
Storage facilities (silos and other building