Cemor Sp.z o.o

al. Grunwaldzka 417
80-309 Gdańsk
58 764 62 51
58 764 62 5048


Cemor Sp. z o.o is a limited liablity company originally founded in 1997 by Centromor SA. Its share capital is PLN 100 970 which presently is owned solely by a number of natural persons. The Company is registered in the Polish Company Register (KRS) under No. 0000244329

Cemor Sp. z o.o. has been acting on the international industrial products and services market from the moment of terminating such activities by Centromor SA.

Thanks to its experienced personnel the Company is in a position to facilitate and optimize the choice of suppliers for the Company\'s customers to offer a wide range of products of high quality and at competitive prices.

The knowledge on many industrial branches in Poland allows the Company to facilitate and optimize the choice of suppliers for the Company\'s customers.

The Company is registered as a qualified supplier with many customers acting in energy, heat, ship equipment, chemistry and petro chemistry industries in Poland.
Cemor Sp. z o.o. as a commercial company makes contracts with foreign and/or domestic customers either in its own name or in the name of manufacturers/suppliers. In some cases the Company acts as agents only.

The Company\'s commercial relations with customers outside Poland are based mostly on direct contacts, however in some markets the Company makes use of its local commercial agents.


Our activity is focused on, but not limited to, trading in the field of various industrial products fabricated by those manufacturers in Poland and elsewhere who used to cooperate with us closely.

Our offer comprises among others the following:

•all types of steel constructions made to client\'s documentation
•forgings, steel and iron castings of diverse sizes for e.g. energy, paper, shipbuilding, material handling and matallurgical industries,
•elements of wind power stations like towers, casing and hubs,
•ship mooring equipment (hawse pipes, bollards, roller fairleads), container sockets and manholes,
•interior ship equipment like plugs and sockets, switches, container energy supply sockets, control boxes and panels,
•lighting fittings for ships and civil purposes, searchlights, flood-lights, signalling devices,
•design services for shipbuilding,
•assembly and fitting of ventilation, air-conditioning, panelling, furniture, doors, windows and electrical installations,
•spares, replacements and fittings for production equipment in steel mills, foundries, refineries, power and heat generating plants,
•fittings and automating equipment for machines, production lines etc.

We are also a trade agent for:

1. Multites Finland Oy.

which offers camera equipment to monitor flame in boilers type DIMAC, in order to

•control distribution of fuel and air,
•control auxiliary burners,
•control safety of operation,
•plan maintenance actions.

2. Berger S.A., France.

The manufacturer of hi-tech measuring instruments like temperature sensors pressure gauges, and flow elements for food, petrochemical, chemical, steel industries nuclear plants, aerospace and the navy.