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Choreń Design & Consulting

ul. Amundsena 5A/4
80-288 Gdańsk

Design Office offers projects made in AutoCAD or MegaCAD of all types of vessel in following scope:

•material price calculations,
•full size of technical project for classification approval,
•working documentations including materials specification,
•selection of mechanisms and suppliers,
•naval architect calculations,
•execution in reduction scale models of ships,
•outfitting work for ships and offshore facilities,
•welding, joinery, fitter\'s and electrical work.


•marine equipment:
•equipment for sailing ships,
•OH, H and Meteor type gastight doors used as shelter equipment.
•Ecological receivers for petroleum products

Our Design Office prepares technological documentation. The designers carry out all the work with computer - aided design programs used for designing, hydrostatic and stability calculations, design of wiring systems and computer aided modeling and designing of hull shape. Our company offers production, conversion and retrofitting of whole small vessel, and partially also big ship by own staff.