Peko Agencja Celna

Miałki Szlak 4/8
80-717 Gdańsk
58 323 88 88
58 323 88 11
Agencja Celna PEKO has been on shipping market since 1991 and reached a very high level of services. Our success is based on highly qualified team of customs brokers and forwarding agents, who have gathered their experience during many years in the customs trade.
Agencja Celna PEKO offers complex customs and statistical services:

customs clearance, including all the procedures in each specific Customs Office
customs clearance of postal packages
issue of all required documents, according to customs regulations and administration
customs debt protection as a customs charge paid on your behalf by our company
submission of statistical declarations “Intrastat”

Freight Forwarding Services including domestic and international transport are carried out by Peko Spedycja Międzynarodowa Sp. z o.o
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