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Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A.

ul. Indyjska 1
81-336 Gdynia
48 (0)586 22 14 10
48 (0)586 22 76 06


DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA S.A. specializes in building vessels designed to the clients, individual wishes and requirements. The Company also offers its own designs and a wide range of standard vessels designed by DAMEN SHIPYARDS GROUP members. The Company specializes in vessels up to 300 tons. 

DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA offers designs and newbuildings of following types of vessels:

motor yachts
harbour, coastal and seagoing tugs (also with azimuth propulsion)
fast rescue boats and pilot boats
environmental and pollution fighting vessels
hydrograph survey (research) vessels
buoy-laying vessels
DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA S.A. was founded in 1991 by Jacek Duch and Andrew Denz as one of the first private shipyards in Poland. The shipyard traces its roots to the finest traditions of the Polish shipbuilding industry. It is active in shipbuilding and ship repair. In 1996 the Company became a member of the DAMEN SHIPYARDS GROUP, one of the world’s leading, international shipbuilding companies. 

DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA S.A. has a staff of 90. It employs the highest class specialists in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry. It closely co-operates with dozens of highly-specialized companies of Polish and foreign origin. 

DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA is located on the Baltic Sea in Gdynia, Poland at Norwegian Quay in Gdynia Harbour. All vessels are launched /docked by DAMEN SHIPYARDS GDYNIA. It is located 23km from international airport in Gdansk.