DENKHO sp. z o.o. -

DENKHO sp. z o.o.

Podmiejska 68e/2
83-000 Radunica
504 686 526


We are driven by a passion for steel, engineering and the sea combined with entrepreneurial approach and love of coffee. This passion has been with us for several years and continuously drives us to cross borders.

We have been operating under the Denkho brand since 2017, which we moved in 2019 to Poland. Until now, we've cooperated with over 20 companies from Poland, and abroad we have participated in over 25 projects in 10 countries in Europe and Asia.

Creating a modern market for maritime subcontractors is
the idea that guides us in creating the company from the very beginning.


Project handled by one team.

You commission us a project, and we deal with it from concept to
reception. In a modern, safe and comprehensive way.

Our employees have a look at the project that allows it
optimization. We talk about it and make changes, or
we offer them to the client. In this way, we save at every step.

We focus on market needs. We don't create solutions for
finger-sucked problems. Instead, according to our mission,
we support clients in their real challenges.

We help in various stages of projects and do it comprehensively.
- inspections and consulting
- project planning and management
- designing structures
- prefabrication and steel production
- installations on units
- delegation projects to the full extent
- devices and specialized constructions