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As one of Poland’s most advanced FEM technology companies, DES ART is a service provider for various branches of industry. We employ more than 30 CAD/CAE professionals and experts.

We specialise in Engineering Services and Research & Development. Our work is based on numerical simulations (CAE) and the latest solutions in computer-aided design (CAD). We perform advanced simulations using the Finite Element Method (FEM) and Multi-Body and Mechanical Systems Simulation (MBS/MSS).

We are a team of engineers specialised in vehicle engineering, shipbuilding, fluid mechanics, material engineering and much more. We have the know-how and long-standing experience in the application of the Finite Element Method. Our range of analytical capabilities and interests includes: material stress, dynamics, thermal, acoustic and fatigue phenomena, gas and fluid flow, electromagnetics and other physical phenomena. In each of these areas, our expert staff will be happy to recommend, plan and execute the right simulation.

We put a premium on innovation and research & development by performing prototype analyses and by working with European and American colleges including the SouthWest Research Institute (Texas), the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (Lyon) and Poland’s Universities of Technology in Cracow, Gliwice (Silesian UoT), Warsaw and Gdańsk.

Since 2003, we have been a member of NAFEMS, an international organisation for FEM simulation and calculation consulting companies.

In our work we apply the latest software solutions. For CAE simulation we use: ANSYS, ANSYS AQWA, NX NASTRAN, ABAQUS, Hyper-Works, ANSA, FEMAP. For CAD we use: NX UG, NX IDEAS, CATIA v.5, AutoCAD.


CAE Operations:
- FEM analyses: stress-crash-thermal-fluid flow-dynamics-electro
- Multi-Body & Mechanical Systems Simulation
- Meshing services

CAD Operations:
- Design, technical consultation / R&D in transportation, machinery, equipment and tools
- CAD services, including on-site services (in Poland and worldwide)

Software Reselling
- Altair HyperWorks
- FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue)