Easy Ocean Kancelaria Finansowo-Prawna dla Marynarzy

Batorego 23/3
81-365 Gdynia

To the wide range of services of the Firm belong:

Credits for Mariners and Foreigners in the Polish banks

-Financing the purchase of the property on the primary and secondary market
- Financing the building of premises
- Financing the purchase of the land
- Financing the renovations and conversions of the properties

Consolidation loans
Refinance Loans
Home Equity Loan
Cash Loans
Car Loans
Investment Loans

Legal and Tax services for Mariners:

- legal advises
- tax advises
- filing tax returns
- preparing motions for individual interpretations of tax law
- legal advises as regards, civil, family and administrative matters

In portfolio of our services, You will also find:

-Insurance for Mariners
- Real Estate for Mariners
- English – Polish sworn translations