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General Information

Elektro-Plus is a ship service company in marine industry: including offshore, oil and gas, wind support ships.

The spectrum of our activities includes working on fishing boats, military vessels, tankers and others. In our business history we have encountered many different challenges in the field of removing electrical equipment failures, modernization or renewal ship electrical subsystems.

We build, overhaul, or refit ships.

Thanks to our work experience in ship repairs and maintenance we had the required specialists to enter the area of shipbuilding. Most of projects included rebuild of ship from another class to an multipurpose offshore vessel, which now serve on North Sea. Sometimes the task was bigger, we have build completely new units. From empty hull to fully functional ships.

We work not only for marine customers.

Our customers are not only from marine industry. Sometimes we cooperate with other companies at shore. Together with Aggreko we worked at G7 summit in Germany, we aid them in installation of windfarms in the Pomeranian district, Poland.

Our new workshop is equipped with highly specialised diagnostic stations for inspection, repair and recertification of electrical machinery and equipment. Work is always performed with accordance to the requirements of classification society.

We also have design office – our constructors can design electrical subsystems for ships, including main switchboards, distribution boards, automation, control and monitoring systems. We also carry out all the required calculations for vessels – power demand, energy balances, etc.

From 2016 Elektro-Plus is ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Our auditor is RINA.


1. Installation, inspections, repairs of:
electric AC/DC motors
power generators
control circuits
measure and safety devices
2. We are designing, installing and starting new electric installation:
new cable traces together with pulling
ligting installations
alarm and monitoring systems
communication and network systems as LAN, phone exchangers
3. Fixing and adjusting, repairing already installed ship equipment, power systems safety devices
4. Pneumatic control and measure circuits of:
main engine, CPP, ballast systems
5. Testing, measuring, certificate and value of technical conndition of electrical equipment
6. Repair of ships main propulsion and power plant
7. Rewinding burnt cable installations for new ones.