EPA Marine sp. z o.o.

Marine Electronics
Al. Wojska Polskiego 193/1
71-325 Szczecin
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EPA was founded in March 1988 as Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo - Serwisowe Elektroniki, Pomiarów i Automatyki sp. z o.o. (Project - Service Enterprise of Electronics, Measurement and Automation LLC). At the beginning of the nineties we established our first branch office in Gdynia, transformed into an independent entity - EPA Gdynia sp. z o.o. - in 2001. In 2005 we divided our structure to establish EPA Systemy sp. z o.o., whereas in 2007 we founded SRT sp. z o.o. in Szczecin.

EPA is electronics, measurement and automation. We are the experts in the field of mobile land radio communication systems, maritime radio communication, radio navigation and automation systems and satellite communication systems.

Our activities related to population services grow and maritime economy grow in importance. Not only we provide professional service of radio navigation and radio communication equipment, but also design advanced systems composed of such devices and create our own prototypes of new technologies - from radio communication, through industrial automation, to wind power.

We design, supply and implement radio communication systems for institutional and individual customers. We are capable of completing even the most sophisticated projects.

EPA is a reliable and experienced partner in development of wind power projects in Poland. We are the company that started the era of wind power in our country. For many years we have been promoting the use of wind power and developing wind farm projects. Moreover, we offer professional consultancy services and investor's support on every stage of investment - from site acquisition, wind measurements, to supply, assembly and commissioning of a wind farm. Not only we manage the selected stage of the project, but also develop complex "turnkey" projects.


In July 2010 the Marine Electronics Department has been transformed into an independent company, EPA Marine, being part of the EPA Group.

The Department deals with supply and installation of radio and navigation equipment and systems, including integrated bridge systems.

We also supply internal communication systems, offer a full scope of INMARSAT satellite communication equipment, or even TV SAT dishes. Upon request we provide and perform technical designs - all this with full worldwide warranty and post - warranty service and maintenance.