EUROAFRICA Linie Żeglugowe Sp. z o.o.

Energetyków 3/4
70-952 Szczecin

West Africa Line

Conventional Shipping Line operating since 1958 regularly serving Northern and North-Western European ports and West African ports as far as the Gulf of Guinea. The line operates general cargo geared vessels which are suitable for shipping both unitized and bulk cargoes. Cargo compartments are adjustable to accommodate almost any cargo combinations.

UK Line

In 1919 a regular shipping line operating between London and Gdańsk* came into being. Dormant during World War II, the line started operating again after the war had finished. In 1951 the service was incorporated into the Polish Ocean Lines (POL), its Szczecin branch, and since 1991 it has been a part of Euroafrica Shipping Lines Ltd.

The UK Line was the precursor of the modern shipping technologies which evolved from traditional break bulk cargo through palletised, refrigerated and finally to containerised cargo.

In the early 1980s POL introduced a modern ro-ro vessel m/v Inowrocław which was additionally handling all kinds of the rolling cargo. For many years the name m/v Inowrocław was synonymous with modern technology, punctuality and highest quality in the shipping business.

For a few decades when the service has been operating the English ports of call have changed: London, Purfleet, Tilbury, Middlesbrough, Felixstowe. So have the terminals in Gdynia and Szczecin.

Today the UK Line offers transport of containers including full door-door service. The service provides 45’ hcpw (hi cube palletwide) containers with 90 cbm capacity and 33 EURO pallet slots, which is an effective and a more environmentally friendly alternative to road transport.

The Line is operated by one container vessel in a weekly rotation linking Gdynia (GCT Terminal) with Teesport ( TC1 Terminal)