European Economic Congress
Date of publication: 26.04.2018
14-05-2018 - 16-05-2018
The jubilee edition of the largest business event in Central Europe, the European Economic Congress, will be held on 14-16 May 2018 at the Spodek Arena and the International Conference Centre in Katowice.

The organization is well underway: we already know the names of some of the VIP guests and media interest is growing. The agenda will combine a creative follow-up to issues touched upon during earlier editions with new themes that look ahead to the future of the Polish and European economies.

The broad and diverse range of topics is grouped into more than ten thematic tracks, resulting in more than a hundred debates, panels, meetings and other events. The agenda covers all the key economic and social problems of Europe in their global context. Debates address areas such as growth prospects and competitive advantage, the technological revolution with its current and future outcomes, responsibility and the environment, as well as economic cooperation within the common market.

An important and eagerly awaited accompanying event to the EEC will be the next edition of the European Start-up Days (ESD, 15-16 May 2018), the meeting of young business with representatives of corporations interested in working with smaller innovative companies. This year, the ESD will be even more tightly integrated with the Congress and both will strongly emphasize the role of new technologies in the economy.

The Congress is known for its openness to various options and viewpoints. Over less than a decade, the European, and thus Polish, economy has undergone fundamental changes. The Congress has consistently pursued its goal of identifying trends and phenomena that affect economic life. The achievements of its previous editions have turned it into a permanent fixture on the map of the largest economic events in Europe.

In 2018, the Congress will naturally focus on themes related to its jubilee but looking ahead to be able to rise to new challenges in a conscious and responsible manner will remain its central objective.