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Euroservice Sp. z o.o.

Certificates , Reports , Inspection of quality, quantity
Czyżewskiego 40
80-336 Gdańsk

Euroservice renders expert and control services on the level which fulfils the expectations of our Clients. The foundation of our activities is professionalism, reliability and fairness. Our unbiased and professional controls and inspections, which we have conducted for more than a decade now, have earned euroservice the reputation of a reliable, honest and professional controlling firm among our Clients.

It is hard to overestimate the usefulness of this type of services for an owner or holder of goods. The presence of a controller nominated by the owner/holder at points which are essential for the safety of goods provides the Client with the current insight into the situation, which to a large extent eliminates the threat of incorrect handling of goods resulting in damage to their quality or quantity. The registration of the course of operations of loading and unloading and other ways of handling the goods performed by an independent, professional controller provides documentation which may be the proof of correct or incorrect handling, as well as of the condition of goods before, in the course of and after transactions.

Professional measurements, sampling and analyses provide the Client with the verification of declared quality and quantity of individual batches of goods.