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We are FAMA Company Ltd. we design and produce winches, hauling devices, hoists, traveling cranes, davits, anchoring and mooring devices, accommodation ladders system, transporting systems, lifting and transporting equipment, hydraulic aggregates, high torque hydraulic motors and equipment for mining industry.
We also design and produce special devices for individual applications.
We have got a modern machinery and high qualified staff. Our design office collaborates with science –technical institutes and we are prepared to realize any complicated technical tasks. To ensure a high quality production and service we apply Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 : 2008 and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 : 2004. Both these systems were certificated by Germanischer Lloyd.
We also make service in machining, steel and aluminum welding and subassemblies and parts making acc. the customer documentation.

The origins of the company reaches back to 1852 when the Factory of Agricultural and Foundry was founded. The assortment consisted of the farm implements and machinery and the associated services.

In 1956, in view of the dynamic development of shipbuilding industry, the factory became a part of the United Polish Shipyards structure and started production off the ship equipment devices. From then the company was known as the “FAMA” Ship Equipment Factory.

In 1998 it was sold to the Norwegian company ULSTEIN HOLDING AS and started operation under the Ulstein FAMA Ltd. Co.. As a result of capital changes, the Ulstein FAMA Ltd. Co. was taken over by the well known ROLLS-ROYCE capital group. In effect of the change process, the company acquired access to the advanced management and capital technology systems, which stimulated the development of the company.

On 01.04.2004 a company under the FAMA Ltd. Co. was established.
In 2007 the company’s ownership changed, with maintaining the FAMA Ltd. Co. name.



We produce many kinds of rope and chain winches the lifting capacity of the rope winches are from 0,25 t to 20,0 t with drums acc. individual customers requirements.
Anchoring and mooring winches are produced for the chain caliber to 56 mm.

Winches destined for life saving boats and rafts servicing.
Rope and chain hauling devices for using in lines of production, painting shops, cartridge maneuvering and others. Winches can be equipped with measuring devices for observing quality and speed of the rope running out and the lifting capacity of the winch.

Chain and rope hoists are the significant part of our production.
They are destined for mass lifting and lowering and to replace it on rails their lifting capacity is from 0,5 t to 10,0 t.
The hoists are widely applied in mining, structure and shipping industries in energetic plants and workshops and others.

Our free standing and wall fastened davits are destined to equip producing, repairing and assembling halls and stores.
The lifting capacity reaches 10,0 t and the arm is to 10 m and the angle of turn acc. the customer wish. Davits can be controlled on site or remote. They can be installed indoor or outdoor.
Davits for life saving boat and rafts and universal davits with the lifting capacity up to 3,0 t are destined for sea going ships (unlimited range of sailing).

Overhead cranes
Overhead cranes are destined to be mounted in producing, repairing or assembling halls and stores and engine rooms of ships.
Rage of lifting capacity to 20,0 t and span length to 15 m.

The devices we made can be equipped with electric, hydraulic or manual drive with the site or remote control. Our products fulfill requirements of Directives 2006/42/WE, 94/9/WE (ATEX).
Devices that are to be mounted on ships we deliver together with certificates of Classification Societies as follows : ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LRS, RMRS, PRS

We perform surveys of the lifesaving and rescue equipment and systems in respect of the conformity with the IMO Resolution MSC/1093/1206 and SOLAS regulation III/20