FancyLax Agnieszka Bolesławska

We specialize in Salmon skin tanning
ul. Bukowa 3
76-270 Ustka
48 507 068 264


FancyLax is the exclusive company in Poland and one of the very few in the world specializing in Salmon skin tanning. The innovative use of the Salmon skin leather allows to meet the demand for luxurious skins used in manufacure of leather accessories, shoes, home decor and furnishing. The manufacturing process is fully ecological and the result is a high quality leather. This is why, after a few years of tests, we are proud of entering our final product to the market. The technology used in leather manufacturing enables to obtain almost every colour, thickness and texture. The salmon leather is tactile, felxible or rigid depending on the tanning. It is perfect to be used as a soft leather for any kind of accessories or strong upholstery material. Currently, our leathers are used by fashion designers, leather accessories shops, shoe manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, luxury yachts interior designers, apartment designers, jewellery, watch straps designers and many others. FancyLax