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FENIX Sp. z o.o.

Sojowa 33/25
81-589 Gdynia
609 800 738


Company FENIX is managed by the experts of marine branch. We focus our activities on ship’s spare parts sell. We co – operate with Korean and Japanese Manufacturers of ship’s spare parts, that’s why we can offer competitive prices and best quality of our products. Offered range of products comes from reputable companies and complies with highest standards.


We sell spare parts for following machinery:
Generators: YANMAR: 6UAL, T220, T210
Separators: MITSUBISHI: SJ-300, SJ-400, Alfa Laval (different types)
Compressors: TANABE LHC 277A, HC 275A, LHC 54A
Engines: Volvo Penta
We developed co-operation with ship’s spare parts Manufacturers from Korea and Japan. Range of our offer includes spare parts for the engines Yanmar, separators Mitsubishi, compressors Tanabe, and other spare parts, manufactured in Korea and Japan.

Our offer is briefly described by following words:

Pumps, separators, valves, fuel oil filters, oil filters, water filters.
Measurement accessories: thermometers, manometers, suction gauges.
Wide electric assortment, and seals (mechanical seals, sealing cords, rubber plates, bakelite plates, teflon plates, clinker plates, cork plates, dielectric mats).

Range of our offer includes also pipes, hydraulic pipe connectors, bearings (rolling and slide bearings), rubber hoses for steam, oil and water, fire hoses, compressed air hoses, silicon hoses, protective suits (winter and summer safety shoes), and miscellaneous deck assortment.

Offered assortment is manufactured by reputable Companies and complies with highest standards.