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The goods are shipped using multiple modes of transportation using the “sea + truck” or “sea + rail” method.

Russian-based consignees normally receive their cargo in sea containers or on curtain-side platforms of TIR trucks with a CMR-compliant international waybill. This document is used as the premises for acceptance to the customs terminal for clearance with the following transfer to the storage facility for unloading using the same carriage method;
Cargoes from ports of Novorossiysk or St. Petersburg are shipped in maritime containers, on curtain-side truck platforms or in railway cars pursuant to the Domestic Customs Transit regime or the normal domestic transport regime following customs clearance at the ports of call;
Cargoes from Western Europe are shipped on curtain-side platforms of TIR trucks using a CMR-compliant international waybill.

Any type of container;
Any port of call at your convenience;
Pre-carriage (i.e. container delivery to the point of loading in the country of dispatch);
Door-to-door deliveries;
Efficient and reliable connections in ports worldwide;
Redirection of cargo en route;
In-port forwarding;
Container carriage by truck to ports and railway stations;
Monitoring at any stage of transportation;
Container shipments of goods by sea or land in any types of containers including assorted consignments;
Full range of handling and transshipment services in ports worldwide;
Multimodal shipping rates are fixed in the application and are not subject to change en route, irrespective of carriage duration;
Full package of documents for container shipment and customs clearance of goods.