FRS Windcat Polska orders hydrogen CTVs from Polish shipyard -
FRS Windcat Polska orders hydrogen CTVs from Polish shipyard
Date of publication: 10.06.2024

Polish operator of crew transfer vessels, FRS Windcat Polska Sp. z o.o., will receive two CTVs (crew transfer vessels) from ALU International Ltd. with an option to deliver more vessels.

Established in 2018, FRS Windcat Polska is part of the FRS and Windcat alliance: FRS Windcat. In total, the company has over 21 years of experience in the offshore wind industry and operates nearly 60 crew transfer vessels (CTVs) in Europe. In recent years, a local team has been established to manage the company’s development and operations in Poland. Additionally, the company has already started training highly qualified seafarers on ships in its European fleet. In line with the company's strategy, it is logical to take the next step, which is to offer ships on the market that are built in the Polish shipyard.

Project of a ship that can use hydrogen

The ordered CTV's will be the latest design created by Windcat called MK5. The design was created based on the experience gained from the previous series MK3.5H2 and MK4. The developed own ship design allows to offer a new, larger ship with optimized seaworthiness and larger cargo space along with larger hydrogen storage tanks on board. The ship will have a total length of 27 meters and a flat bow deck with an area of 80 m2. By optimizing the shape of the hull, greater width and freeboard, the ship will provide greater comfort, access and increase the seaworthiness needed to work even on larger and more remote offshore wind farms.

Low fuel consumption was achieved by focusing on the efficient configuration of the ship's propulsion system and the shape of the hull with low resistance. The vessel can be delivered with a fully installed hydrogen system, capable of carrying up to 458kg of hydrogen on board, or as a “hydrogen ready” vessel, enabling the vessel to be retrofitted with a hydrogen system at a later date.

Made in Poland

Construction of the two aluminium hulls began in April at the ALU International shipyard in Gdańsk. The company has over 30 years of experience in the construction of aluminium vessels and is a well-known specialist in the production of various aluminium marine structures. The company employs around 150 people at its 11,000m2 production facility in Gdańsk. FRS Windcat Polska and ALU International have signed a contract for the construction of two CTV's with the possibility of ordering additional units at a later stage. The first two vessels will be delivered in 2025.

– By ordering CTV's from the Polish shipyard, we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality vessels that are “Made in Poland” to serve the growing offshore wind industry in Poland. We are glad that we have found such an experienced partner as ALU International, which devotes exceptional attention to ensuring high standards at all levels – said Tim Kunstmann, Managing Director at FRS Windcat Polska.

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