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Gdynia Maritime University Officer Training Centre Ltd

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Gdynia Maritime University Officer Training Centre Ltd

The objective of the operations of the Gdynia Maritime University Officer Training Centre Ltd is sasfaction of requirements and recommendations concerning professional training of seafares includedthe Convention STCW78/95 and decrees of the Polish minister of transport and maritime economy.
The objective is achived through :
- qualification courses preparing candidates to the examination before the state examination board for the next , higher officer`s rank
-courses updating professional knowledge of officers holding the higest diplomas in individual specialisations (deep-sea capitan , chif engineer, radio officerfirst class , and chief electrican )
-specialist courses improving knowledge of officers in the field of new techniques and technologies in navigation and maritime economy, in accordance with current international and domestic requirements.
The centre continues the tradition of professional training of the people of the sea developed by the State Maritime School (PSM ) in Gdynia already before the war.
In 1930 , the first navigation course for fishermen was organised.In the next year , navigation and mechanical trainings were conducted for the Polish fleet and fishery employees.
The Gdynia Maritime School is non-public school conducted by the Gdynia Maritime University Officer Training Centre. The school holds PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 quality system certificate. We offer education in two majors:
-navigations -specialisation:sea transport
-mechanics and mechanical engineering -specialisation : operation of marine power plants
Didactic classes are conducted in buildings and laboratories of the Gdynia Maritime uniwersity.
The didactic personnel are mainly employees of the Maritame Uniwersity.For the graduates of the Gdynia Maritime School holding the high school diploma can continue their educations during extramuralstudies at the Gdynia Maritime University Faculty of Navigation or the Faculty of Marine Engineering.
Education at the Gdynia Maritime School is paid, and it lasts 2.5 years-1 year of education , and 1.5 years of maritime training , during which students get high remuneration. The training takes place onboard merchant ships of renowned ships owners. After gettingthe officer\'s diploma , the graduates find job at the best.

DP course Offered by the Gdynia Maritime University Officer Training Centre holds the accreditation of the Nautical Institute.
DP operator courses satisfy the requirements of the Nautical Institute regarding different education levels.
Two training types are conducted at the centre:
-DP Operator Basic Course
-DP Operator Advanced Course