Gooodwater Poland

We perform inspections of any objects under the water surface.

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Company Goodwater performs underwater inspections by means of ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) in port of Szczecin and other ports of South Baltic. We inspect ship hulls, quays and sea bed (olso using sonar). We support other subsea jobs.

Company Goodwater was founded on 02.06.2010 as outcome of longtime professional dreams of its owner.
The foundation for the company is:

experience coming from working at sea as well as during maritime supply and services,
modern underwater technologies.
The set up of the company has been supported financially by European Union. The project is called \"Business Navigator.
Support for persons of shipbuilding industry as well as cooperating comapnies\" performed by Zachodniopomorskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Gospodarczego (West Pomeranian Economy Development Association).
Our mission is help:
to decrease risk and cost of underwater inspection by using of ROV instead of diver,
to decrease cost of ship repair by most often underwater inspection instead of drydocking.
Our values:
knowledge + honesty,
modern technology + be reasonable,
minium bureaucracy


We perform inspections of any objects under the water surface.
We arrive to the place of inspection both from the shore ond off-shore side.
We provide DVD record as well as inspection report.
For purpose of that service we use underwater robot (Remote Operated Vehicle - ROV) controlled from the shore as well as device for enhancing of video signal on line without need of remake of the film after it\'s recorded.
The inspection is performed by one person - robot operator (if such inspection was done by a diver there would be need of involving two people at least).

We speak English and Russian fluently.