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Inocean Poland

Dubois 20
71-610 Szczecin
+48 91 431 53 57
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Inocean Poland specialises in designing every floating objects in particular offshore units and servicing oil drilling ships.

Our company is a part of Inocean group with head office in Oslo.

INOCEAN core business centres on the conversion of tankers to FPSOs, and construction of drilling and production vessels new building. Our projects are split into ship-shaped and semi-sub units.

The design includes following documentation : vessel specifications , arrangements, hull design, load conditions, stability, hydrodynamics, mooring, structural design, finite element modelling, marine and HVAC system P&IDs , crew accommodation, construction details and CAD drawings.

We offer others design disciplines such as 3D modelling of utility piping routes, 3D layouts of deck topside piping, engine room arrangements and calculations engine room living quarters piping systems as well as engineering on site and project management service on order and behalf of the Owner on design through construction stages to final commissioning of the vessel