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JABO Jan Wierzchowski

Przełom 1
80-643 Gdańsk
+48 58 304 22 26
+48 58 304 22 27


Jabo company is a yacht shipping yard established in 1994 in Gdansk.

We have highly skilled stuff and up-to-date high technology equipment which guarantee highest quality of our products and services.

We are able to work on individual products, build any kind of vessel according to your individual needs and expectations.

Each vessel built and equipped in our yard makes you feel safely and comfortable.
Feel free to contact us with any kind of question you might have. We will be glad to help you.

Hoping to have you as our partner!


Basing on the knowledge and experience of Jan Wierzchowski, the founder of the firm, we are producing and renovating:

-aluminium structures of the hulls, superstructures and masts;

-steel structures of the hulls;

-yacht fittings, railings and all other equipment made of stainless steel;

-aluminium and steel structures of the buoys and other vessels.