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Kadam sp. z o.o.

Klonowa 1
84-230 Rumia

Our scope of offer consists of:
- designing works (accommodation, electrician and automatic, and deck outfitting) during new building, rebuilding or repairs (including calculations for mooring and towing devices) and theoretical calculations,
- noise and vibration calculations including recommendations for decreasing levels of marine construction noise & vibrations,
- 3D visualizations of vessel internal and external,
- upgrading and fill up classification drawings for vessels during service operation,
- sea and dock trials of: noise & vibrations, illumination, speed and maneuvering, ship electro-energetic systems measurements
- repairs and new applications interior outfitting including: concrete floor coverings and floating floors, floor top carpet and elastic coverings, delivery and fixing of window and berth curtains, delivery of berth clothes and towels, mattresses delivery, furniture delivery and fixing, window blinds: for accommodation and bridge delivery and application;
- electic, electro-energetic and automatic equipment delivery and fixing.