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Kadam sp. z o.o.

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The company "KADAM" was founded in 1999 as a designing team leading designing and calculation tasks in the field of marine interiors designs, dynamics and acoustics marine structures - both in terms of theoretical calculations and measurement.
Currently our team consists of a group of engineers of various specialties. In 2014 years joined us electricians and locksmiths.
The design works we are leading on the projects stages beginning from canvassing project, via contract project , technical and workshop project for the output documentation.
We offer our direct supervision of the outfitting works in residential part of the ship, deck outfitting and electrical equipment.
Following the need of the market in 2007we expanded our activities to the supply and applications of ship residential part equipment and since 2014 - electrical equipment.
We work with leading manufacturers of marine equipment and any equipment offered by us has the necessary approvals under the safety regulations.
In 2012 we expanded our range of carpet, upholstery, hanging curtains and resin floor cleaning services with a steam generator. This service allows for quick removal of stains and dirt, and the surface in a very short period of time is dry. The service can be performed while the ship is in port or in the yard.
In our offer you will find a complete service from design through counseling, design, for the application of the equipment.


Our scope of offer consists of:
- designing works (accommodation, electrician and automatic, and deck outfitting) during new building, rebuilding or repairs (including calculations for mooring and towing devices) and theoretical calculations,
- noise and vibration calculations including recommendations for decreasing levels of marine construction noise & vibrations,
- 3D visualizations of vessel internal and external,
- upgrading and fill up classification drawings for vessels during service operation,
- sea and dock trials of: noise & vibrations, illumination, speed and maneuvering, ship electro-energetic systems measurements
- repairs and new applications interior outfitting including: concrete floor coverings and floating floors, floor top carpet and elastic coverings, delivery and fixing of window and berth curtains, delivery of berth clothes and towels, mattresses delivery, furniture delivery and fixing, window blinds: for accommodation and bridge delivery and application;
- electic, electro-energetic and automatic equipment delivery and fixing.