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Kancelaria Prawna Domanski i Wspolnicy Sp. k.

Elbląska 135
80-718 Gdańsk

Commercial matters determine a core business of our firm. We provide permanent and comprehensive legal advisory from the moment of beginning the economic entity till its termination.

In cooperation with tax advisors, experts, patent agents and accounting offices we offer a wide range of legal services of enterprises including corporate service and external representation.

Within the legal service regarding enterprises we offer in particular:

formation of companies, amendments to the deeds of establishment,
rendering current advises and legal consultations,
preparation of legal expertises and opinions;
external representation before the courts (including arbitration courts) and authorities, including Anti-trust Office (UOKIK), Energy Regulatory Authority (URE) and Public Procurement Office (UZP);
daily corporate service, in particular: participation in the Company organs meetings, preparation of the resolutions, protocols, motions to the Registration courts and other authorities, amendments to the deeds of establishment;
participation in the meetings and negotiations with commercial partners
due diligence process.
The diversity of our Clients activities cause special legal problems. As an example: the activities conducted by refinery, power plant, transport company and architecture project office are so different that require a special kind of legal knowledge and experience.

We proved our proficiency particularly in the following matters:

mergers and acquisitions,
public procurement,
real estate investment,
investment process. FIDIC,
international exchange of goods and rendering the services.
transport and logistics,
intellectual property,
protection of personal data
competition- and consumer protection
cross-border trials,
mediation in disputes’ resolution,
labour law,