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Our law firm specializes in comprehensive legal and tax services for sailors and their families. We are aware how demanding and challenging, both for sailors and their families, this particular job is. That’s why we always put effort to approach our clients individually, analyze their problems on the basis of various legal levels of maritime law, labor law, civil law and insurance law. We value professionalism, promptness and interest of our clients.

- detailed legal and tax service for sailors and their families
- analysis of the tax situation for sailors and their families
- determining sailors’ tax liability
- evasion of double taxation
- abolition relief
- preparation of official, conciliatory and legal letters
- representation before the Tax Office, the Maritime Office, the Maritime Chamber and judicature
- creation and analysis of sailors’ contracts of employment
- legal support in compensatory cases
- permanent legal assistance for the sailors and their families


Our offer is also addressed to the ship owners, cargo owners, carriers, shipyards, harbors and their clients. We have extensive and practical knowledge on the basis of such demanding markets as maritime and shipbuilding markets. We value comprehensive and professional approach to our clients’ issues, promptness, commercial discretion and reliability in our work.

- creation and analysis of the documents concerning building, renovation, registration, pledge, mortgage, purchase and sale of ships ensuring supervision over these processes
- preparation and analysis of the bills of lading as well as other maritime transport’s agreements
- ship building companies’ comprehensive service
- maritime investment and insurance consulting
- damaged ships and cargo claims
- maritime accidents and rescue claims and legal support
- legal support in the case of arrest of the ship
- conducting negotiations, as well as representation before maritime offices and judicature


- GDPR audits
- GDPR implementations
- GDPR mappings
- GDPR risk analysis
- public and private trainings for selected group of people and professional groups
- focusing on the practical dose of knowledge
- checking the processes of securing personal data
- pointing out the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs
- preparing report summarizing the audit
- suggesting changes in documentation and IT infrastructure adaptation to the GDPR requirements
- defining physical and technical protection measures
- preparing an organization of personal data protection
- providing constant support from our lawyers
- providing the Personal Data Protection Inspector
- consultations with the leaders after the trainings


- inquiring real estate’s legal status
- creating and providing a comprehensive consulting on all types of contracts as sale, purchase, lease, removal of co-ownership, lease, commission, task, subcontracting
- support in obtaining required permits and administrative decisions
- representation in administrative, land and mortgage register, court and bailiff proceedings
- support in obtaining and selling real estate
- support in the entire construction process (purchase, construction, sale)
- leading and providing support during all kinds of negotiations
- legal support for architects and designers
- support for foreigners intending to purchase real estates


- comprehensive service for companies and individual business activities
- establishing, transforming, merging and liquidating companies
- audits, trainings and legal support in the matter of running a business including due diligence
- preparing and opining agreements, contracts or regulations
- verifying documents and supervising the realization of the contract’s regulations
- advising in the investment processes
- leading meetings and negotiations
- tax optimization
- risk analysis and risk optimization
- representation in administrative, land and mortgage register, court and bailiff proceedings
- legal support in the matter of competitive marketing and unfair market practices, as well as ensuring accurate protection of consumer’s rights
- marketing consulting and creating company’s image on the web