Kodal, Power Hydraulic Systems

Halicka 7a
81-506 Gdynia

We are a team of professionals who can carry all works related to Hydraulic Power systems and units, including design, production, assembly, commissioning, overseas service / maintenance and repairs.

Production division, placed in headquarter, in Gdynia is equipped with all devices, necessary for making new and repair of:

hydraulic cylinders,

power packs,

controllers, distributors,

pumps, etc.

Service division employ pipe / mechanical fitters, experienced in installation works, and welders certified in MMA, MAG and TIG welding methods.

Service works: Main scope of activities:

1. Installation of new piping for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic units.
Complex repairs and renovation of hydraulic power systems for marine industry:

Repairs, renovation, conversions of existing hydraulic power systems, with use of modern technical solutions and materials, certified by Classification Societies for use in marine industry.

Marine pipes made of high tensile black steel ST 52.4 and stainless steel 316 L, made as a precision pipes.

Couplings / connections:
For pipes in diameters up to fi 42 mm - high pressure hydraulic couplings type Parker / Ermeto with a cutting ring ( EO, EO2).
For pipes in diameters above fi 42 mm - Flare connections type GS Hydro for 3000 psi and 6000 psi ( with a bells made at the end of pipes), and welded flanged connections ( flat flanges, neck flanges, slip-on flanges).

Valves, controllers, distributors and expansion connections / high pressure hoses certified for use in marine industry.

Complete power packs, piston, plunger, screw, gear pumps, certified for use in marine industry.

2. Overhaul and repair of hydraulic power installations:

Overhauls and repairs of hydraulic cylinders, controllers, pumps and motors, hydraulic installations for cranes, winches, power packs.

Flushing of hydraulic installations: Preparation of technology, connecting of flushing loops, flushing of systems with use of own / external pumping - filtration units, testing of cleanness for hydraulic power oils, defined in ISO and NAS scale, using own testing device, made by Hydac.

Cleaning of hydraulic oil tanks.

Filling, deaeration and commissioning of existing, new and converted hydraulic installations.

3. Service during ship\'s voyage:
Service / maintenance works, during ship\'s voyage, for hydraulic power systems, with technical advice / supervision. Supply of necessary materials, installation / assembly, repairs and conversions of systems.