Trakt św. Wojciecha 213/E
80-039 Gdańsk
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Our company which was established in 1998 has dealt with shipbuilding industry from the very beginning. The owner of the company is Grzegorz Bugaj.

Our staff consists of highly qualified employees with long seniority in the ship renovation sector.
We work on cargo carriers, passenger ferries, chemical tankers, towboats, and special-purpose ships.

Our company has a workshop and warehouse backup at its command as well as a choice of modern cars, which makes it possible to get to the shipowner all over Europe.

We cooperate with Northern Shipyard and with ABB Ltd, the company we have been connected with since the beginning of our business.


We carry aut complete overhauls of ship appliance.

1. Overhauls of ship power station

- overhauls on the main engine
- overhauls on the supplementary engine
- overhauls on the pumps
- overhauls on the radiators, heaters
- overhauls on the boilers, velves, etc.

2. Overhauls on the turbochargers

3. Locksmithing works

4. Overhauls of

- the lifts
- the cranes
- deck appliance