MAREL Serwis Mariusz Samborski

Specializes in servicing maritime electronics automatics.
ul. Pawła 1
72-006 Szczecin-Mierzyn
+48 91 48 58 388 wew.23
+48 91 48 79 948


MAREL Serwis company specializes in servicing maritime electronics automatics.

Our main points of interests:

■Servicing industrial electronics/automatics devices
■Certifying temperature calibrators
■Rebuilding and designing automatic controls and signalization systems
■Regenerating and renovating old electronic devices, which are not supported by the original manufacturers anymore
■Providing electronic devices of our own design, details in our offer
■Designing and manufacturing electronic devices on request

In spite of the fact, that our company specializes in maritime automatics, we are ready to serve our customers in many other branches, where the use of automatic control systems is required. As an example we can mention Binowo Park golf club, where MAREL is responsible for servicing of the park\'s irrigation system.