Marine Motor Service Andrzej Kwiatkowski -

Marine Motor Service Andrzej Kwiatkowski

Stogi 20
80-642 Gdańsk
48 58 305 05 79 , 48 504 136 631


We have pleasure in introducing our firm Marine Motor Service.
We are a new established firm which does the business in the whole Europe and we are the only representative of Marine Motor Service in Poland.
Andrzej Kwiatkowski is the founder of the firm.
20 years experience of Andrzej Kwiatkowski’s firm, economic activity in Western Germany and in the whole Europe are a good base and guarantee for co-operation with MAN Germany.
Business premises and workshop of the firm are in Gdansk which is within easy reach by sea or by roads.
Our motto is the best quality service, practiced staff, being prompt and satisfied customers.


Full Service of all floating crafts/ Repair, extension, renovation of different kinds of boats

Service and acceptance of marine power plants/ Exchange and repair of marine engine as well as their modernization/ Maintenance and cleaning of boats

Boat-building, extension and modernization of boats interior/ general overhauls of marine engines, service of exhaust systems

Construction of yachts and boats (rebuilding, modernization, construction)/ Buying and selling boats, spare parts selling

Maintenance and preservation of boats/ Preparation of water crafts for winter store house/ Extension of crew accommodation on boats

Marine joinery, boat-building/ Marine electricity, electronic engineering, nautical science/ Antifouling/ Ship painting and varnishing

Sea navigation is becoming more and more developed and important means of transport. There is a growing demand for modern boats.

To satisfy our customers’ requirements our firm Marine Motor Service, services not only marine engines but also it constructs boats according to customer’s requirements.