Marine Motor Service Andrzej Kwiatkowski -

Marine Motor Service Andrzej Kwiatkowski

Stogi 20
80-642 Gdańsk

Full Service of all floating crafts/ Repair, extension, renovation of different kinds of boats

Service and acceptance of marine power plants/ Exchange and repair of marine engine as well as their modernization/ Maintenance and cleaning of boats

Boat-building, extension and modernization of boats interior/ general overhauls of marine engines, service of exhaust systems

Construction of yachts and boats (rebuilding, modernization, construction)/ Buying and selling boats, spare parts selling

Maintenance and preservation of boats/ Preparation of water crafts for winter store house/ Extension of crew accommodation on boats

Marine joinery, boat-building/ Marine electricity, electronic engineering, nautical science/ Antifouling/ Ship painting and varnishing

Sea navigation is becoming more and more developed and important means of transport. There is a growing demand for modern boats.

To satisfy our customers’ requirements our firm Marine Motor Service, services not only marine engines but also it constructs boats according to customer’s requirements.