Marine Technology sp. z o.o.

Roszczynialskiego 4 lok. 6
81-521 Gdynia

The Marine Technology company offers you research and development in the field of broadly understood hydrography and geoinformatics. We also make project documentation, including Feasibility Studies, Functional and Utilities Programs, Navigation Analysis.

In the field of hydrography, we offer:
Development of electronic navigation map cells for inland navigation in Caris S-57 Composer software,
Performance of bathymetric and sonar measurements (we have the professional qualifications of a hydrographer, category A.)
We process the collected data in Caris and Hypack software, we deal with:

- implementation of bathymetric water body plans,

- detailed analysis of the collected data,

- interpretation of sonar images and creation of mosaics,

- making the necessary documentation,

- making numerical models of the bottom.

In the field of geoinformatics, we offer:

Implementation of NMT, NMPT models,
3D visualizations,
Spatial analysis,
Orthophoto map verifications.
We use ArcGIS software to process the data.

Our company also offers:

Analyzes, including Navigational Analyzes,
Feasibility studies,
Functional and utility programs.

We offer solutions at the highest expert and innovative level.