Next Geosolutions strengthens its position in Poland through cooperation with the University of Gdańsk [VIDEO, PHOTOS] -
Next Geosolutions strengthens its position in Poland through cooperation with the University of Gdańsk [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
Date of publication: 05.11.2021

The Italian company Next Geosolutions, which specializes in geological and engineering research in the maritime sector, has established cooperation with the University of Gdańsk. This is another step that Next Geosolutions has taken to strengthen its position on the Baltic market. There are also plans to open an office in Poland.

The meeting of representatives of both institutions took place on October 3, at the Oceanograf research vessel, owned by the University of Gdańsk, moored in the Gdynia marina. During the visit, headed by the vice-chancellor of the University of Gdańsk for innovation and cooperation with the socio-economic environment, prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski, presented the scientific and research activities of the University of Gdańsk.
They also talked about various international cooperation initiatives related to maritime issues in which the university participates. The Next Geosolutions delegation, chaired by CEO Giovanni Ranieri, presented its experiences in the maritime sector, emphasizing its strong links with the scientific community and universities, as well as existing initiatives in Poland - Next Geosolutions is a company cooperating in the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline.

The most important problems currently faced by the maritime sector, both in terms of industry and education, and which cooperation between institutions can help to solve, were also briefly discussed.

- We are very interested in the Polish and Baltic markets, because we focus on the wind industry. We know that this sector in Poland will be greatly developed - said Giovanni Ranieri, CEO of Next Geosolutions. - I think that our contacts with the University of Gdańsk will be crucial for the success of our initiatives, because I strongly believe that the scientific and industrial part of this can be successful if they integrate their knowledge, experience and education.

Both parties have signed a framework cooperation agreement that each will benefit from. Next Geosolutions intends to use the opportunities and experience of the University of Gdańsk in order to improve the competences of its employees and use the courses organized by the university. UG, in turn, will carry out analyzes, prepare opinions and research as a partner. The parties also initially plan to cooperate on various educational initiatives, such as conferences or scientific symposia. Already during the meeting, the cooperation resulted in the exchange of contacts with friendly institutions.

- The University of Gdańsk is a partner in an alliance of European maritime universities, which is an opportunity for us to work in international setting, not only with universities in the field of teaching, research and development, but also with industry. Next Geosolutions from Italy are the ideal partners to start different activities that we can carry out together. Starting from the level of education and training of our students, but also in commercial projects in the wind energy sector in Poland. Probably in the future we will have a chance to educate our students in this field, but also to educate professionals in order to support this industry with people who know what they are doing - commented prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Bielawski, vice-rector of the University of Gdańsk.

Next Geosolutions is increasingly actively involved in the Polish market. Cooperation with the University of Gdańsk is not the company's first Baltic Sea initiative.

- At the moment, we are participating in a large gas project in Poland, which is the Baltic Pipe, run by the Polish Gaz-System company. We support all project activities, from Poland to Denmark - said Giovanni Ranieri. The president also revealed that the company's next step will be to open an office in Poland. - We are an international provider of marine geology services, we operate on a global scale. We have offices in Italy, UK, the Netherlands, another one will be built here in Poland - he said.