The latest training solutions in the field of ECDIS system operation at your fingertips -
The latest training solutions in the field of ECDIS system operation at your fingertips
Date of publication: 12.06.2019

The Exerters Training Centre in Gdynia focuses on cooperation with ChartWorld and as the only one in Europe provides ECDIS classroom training for eGlobe G2 system.

ChartWorld Navigation Experts are specialists in digital navigation used on ships since 1999. They created a safe, modern and intuitive product for using electronic charts replacing conventional paper charts. Its use is above all simple and intuitive. It has a number of tools whose task is to significantly facilitate navigation, maneuvering when approaching the port and planning a route.

In conjunction with the ChartBrowser program, it provides simple and quick ordering and updating of electronic charts.

The unquestionable benefit of having ChartWorld within the entire fleet is the unification of navigation procedures. Officers and superintendents working on various ships from the first moments on the bridge are perfectly familiar with the installed ECDIS system. Unification of procedures and the system greatly affects the safety of the ship - previously trained officers knowing the functions of the program are able to react adequately in every situation, especially in the event of an emergency.

ECDIS eGlobe G2 operation is clearly divided in two modes of operation: basic and advanced. Primary level is handy and intuitive for the users whose duties does not cover the expert knowledge of ECDIS systems, and those who uses them while manoeuvring or during the navigational watch. This is especially useful  C/O and Captains.

On the other hand - advanced mode is for the officers who are directly responsible for operation and maintenance of ECDIS systems on board. Advanced level of operation in eGlobe G2 ECDIS will be perfect for navigating officers who will appreciate numerous smart functions, eg. distance lines measurement, parallel index lines creation, merge XTL and many others.

Moreover, the purchase conditions exempt ship owners from rapid investments in equipment. This can be difficult when we consider the installation of ECDIS equipment on several ships at this time. ChartWorld offers ECDIS as a service and pricing plans based on daily costs.

Wojciech Legieć from the Exerters Training Center in Gdynia admits: "Based on our experience in operation on various ECDIS models we can say that eGlobe G2 from ChartWorld is one of the best programs we have ever worked with. Intuitive, modern and easy to use”

Training courses organised by Exerters are focused on utilising the whole potential of the system, getting familiar with advantages and knowing the tricks. The exercises increase in complexity as the course progresses and as trainees become familiar with equipment and functionalities of the ECDIS software. Courses end up with an exam confirming the acquisition of skills.

Exerters Training Center instructors are officers with many years of experience on ships equipped with ECDIS systems. Wojciech Legieć says: "We are aware that the combination of theory and practice gives our students access to reliable knowledge."

What's more, the dates are matched to the partners according to the reported needs and large groups and regular customers can count on attractive discounts. More about trainings on the Exerters Training Center website